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Tumblr logoOkay y’all, we recently created a Tumblr blog! We have such a strong following on the other social media sites, we figured it was about time to shift some of our LANDFLIP blogging efforts over to Tumblr. We are very social here at LANDFLIP, and like to give everyone a chance to connect with us on all the major social channels, as well as with each other.


Connect with the LANDFLIP Family of Sites on Google+

If you think Google+ is just another social media networking site, you might be missing out. Google+ is a unique, innovative platform that is catching on quickly and great for both social and business. The world of social media is now firmly grounded into the real estate industry, and Google+ is here to stay, so you should be leveraging it to grow your business, communicate with your customers, make real connections, and strengthen your presence in the social media world.


Sponsorship + Expansive Audience = Increased Brand Awareness for Your Business or Service!

Last month, LANDTHINK, LANDFLIP’s sister site that is an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, launched a new monthly survey, the LANDTHINK Pulse.

LANDTHINK is currently seeking a participating sponsor for our July Pulse question and months thereafter. This is an easy, affordable opportunity to nudge our LANDTHINK, LANDFLIP, LOTFLIP, RANCHFLIP and FARMFLIP audience to actively engage with your business or service.


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