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If you think Google+ is just another social media networking site, you might be missing out. Google+ is a unique, innovative platform that is catching on quickly and great for both social and business. The world of social media is now firmly grounded into the real estate industry, and Google+ is here to stay, so you should be leveraging it to grow your business, communicate with your customers, make real connections, and strengthen your presence in the social media world.

LANDFLIP, and our entire network of land for sale websites, are active across all social media platforms. We love engaging with our fans, followers, customers and friends throughout the land industry on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and with this very blog.

On all our Google+ accounts, you’ll find land industry related news, exclusive LANDTHINK articles and content, featured listings, upcoming auctions, events and more. We’ve jumped on the Google+ bandwagon and hope you will make a profile and follow LANDFLIP and our entire network of land for sale websites. Please +1 our articles, listings and content that you enjoy!

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