Sponsorship + Expansive Audience = Increased Brand Awareness for Your Business or Service!

Last month, LANDTHINK, LANDFLIP’s sister site that is an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, launched a new monthly survey, the LANDTHINK Pulse.

LANDTHINK is currently seeking a participating sponsor for our July Pulse question and months thereafter. This is an easy, affordable opportunity to nudge our LANDTHINK, LANDFLIP, LOTFLIP, RANCHFLIP and FARMFLIP audience to actively engage with your business or service.

It’s the social media age, and becoming a survey sponsor is the ideal way to get the word out in an instant to business colleagues, prospective clients, and all those with an interest in land. Social Media is an essential element to marketing and self promotion in today’s highly competitive market, and we offer tons of exposure across all our social media outlets. Additionally, your business will be featured in the LANDFLIP Blog, LANDFLIP Ledger, LANDTHINK News and the Pulse.

As a sponsor, you may assist our team in formulating a question to pose to our audience, the results of which would be beneficial to your business and all those with a connection to the land industry. At the close of each month’s survey, we will be reporting the results on LANDTHINK.com. Be the first to take advantage of this unique sponsorship opportunity! Contact us today to learn more about the benefits.

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