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Tumblr logoOkay y’all, we recently created a Tumblr blog! We have such a strong following on the other social media sites, we figured it was about time to shift some of our LANDFLIP blogging efforts over to Tumblr. We are very social here at LANDFLIP, and like to give everyone a chance to connect with us on all the major social channels, as well as with each other.

You should follow us on our new Tumblr page, where we’ll be showing off featured listings, beautiful land images, new LANDTHINK articles, as well other land industry news from elsewhere around the web.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform, used for short updates, so we are going to continue to publish longer, land-related content right here on our traditional LANDFLIP Blog. We did, however, want to share some of our best land pictures, featured listings and news pertaining to the industry over on the popular website Tumblr.

We’re just getting started, but check out our new Tumblr here. Please follow us and we’ll follow you back! While you’re at it, connect with us on all the other social sites:






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