Remembering Fads

I can remember a field trip in the mid to late 70’s when my middle school class went to visit the Arkansas Planetarium. My friends and I commented to our science teacher about a man carrying what appeared to be a small suitcase with a phone cord coming out of it. We noticed him walking around apparently talking on the phone. She advised us to “stay in line and not get distracted by some silly fad.”

Fast forward to 2010 and try to imagine the “silly fad”  we witnessed not being part of your life today. Has your cell phone, like most, become like one of your family members? It’s attached to you so you are able to stay connected.

Have you been inclined to believe this new world of Social Media is a “silly fad?” Are you determined to stay in line with the way you have always connected with people? Standing firm and not allowing yourself to get distracted? If so, you might want to take a long hard look at the “silly fad”  in your hand, attached to your hip, plugged into your computer, or laying in the seat of your car as your driving to an appointment. It would appear this fad is keeping you connected to your family, friends, the office, your clients, doctors,  and the entire world.

Fast forward to 2015 and try to imagine where you and your Real Estate business will be if this Social Media “fad” turns out to be an even greater connection than your cell phone. Will your Facebook Fan Page lead someone to a timberland investment? Could a Twitter Tweet about land for sale close the deal? Oh well,  just something to think about. After all, its probably just a “silly fad.”

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