No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

Things start to happen in the spring on land that just don’t happen while there is cold and snow. I can hear my neighbor across the road at his ranch getting the tractor ready to begin his first plowing. Lawn mowers start up and get all checked out to make sure they are ready for the weekly ride around the acres and acres of grass. The neighbor with the RV is mapping out where his many road trips may take him this year. Last year they visited the mountains, this year the wife says it will be the coast.

Not one of my neighbors are in the Real Estate profession so I found it ironic that a conversation in the driveway prompted this blog topic. The general consensus is the farmer will still plant and the travelers will still travel, but everyone is cutting back on unnecessary spending in order to accomplish these goals.

That is really no different than what I see happening in the world of Real Estate professionals who are trying to cut expenses. My only concern is why would the areas that give you the opportunity to sell your properties be where the cut takes place? In order for the neighbor to take the same trip as every other spring they are cutting back on how many times they eat out each week. There are many areas where expenses can be reduced without “cutting the hand that feeds you” so to speak.

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One Comment

  • Great post Lisa! The internet has the farthest reach for least amount of money. There was a time where people rarely relocated. Now, we are so transient either because of jobs or by choice. The internet has now made it possible for people to get so much more information on where they go and get a great feel for their new community.

    You will never know if your next buyer will be from a far away state. If you don’t have out there for people to see the sale will go to a competitor who appreciates the reach of the internet.

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