Tip Tuesday: Investing your time can mean money

LANDFLIP advertisers who take full advantage of all the opportunities our website offers are seeing great results.

The first thing successful advertisers do is begin uploading their listings that fall within the LANDFLIP guidelines. A key factor is to upload all qualified listings and not just one or two.  By listing each property you are giving the land buyer the opportunity to find everything you have available. You should also ensure your listings have the best possible description and keywords.  If the property you are listing is great for hunting land, but specifically “duck” hunting, state that on your listing. Land buyers are getting more and more precise with their land search criteria. A successful advertiser uses this fact by creating a listing description in-line with what the prospective buyer is searching for. Imagine your listing being a fish in the ocean. Every time a buyer drills down to search more specifically, your “fish”  is coming to the top. Good descriptive words can be the difference between being at the surface and a much easier catch, or requiring the buyer to put on their scuba gear to find your listing.

We all have the same amount of hours in our day. As a Real Estate professional, you like land buyers to sit down at their computer to search for property and give you some of  their valuable time. In turn, you need to take some of your valuable time and make sure you offer the consumer the best possible information regarding your online listings. This extra time can prove to be a win-win for both sides. Here are some things to consider:

  • Did you upload photos that show all the great features, qualities and views of the land?
  • Are they good, clear and quality photos?
  • Are you taking advantage of YouTube by adding video to your listing?

Video enables a prospective buyer sitting in California to walk through the mountains of North Carolina and never leave the comfort of their home. “This takes time” you might be saying. Yes it does take time. A successful advertiser will uses all of  the tools LANDFLIP makes available and prove to be time well spent!

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