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The LANDFLIP NETWORK should be the starting point for anyone buying or selling land, farms, ranches, and lots! We take pride in helping buyers locate the land of their dreams and providing sellers with an easy to use platform for advertising land for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale, lots for sale, and land auctions. The LANDFLIP BLOG serves as an extension to connect with our audience, share updates, and brag a little bit about our customers, most of whom rank tops in the land industry!

Tip Tuesday: Investing your time can mean money

LANDFLIP advertisers who take full advantage of all the opportunities our website offers are seeing great results.

The first thing successful advertisers do is begin uploading their listings that fall within the LANDFLIP guidelines. A key factor is to upload all qualified listings and not just one or two.  By listing each property you are giving the land buyer the opportunity to find everything you have available. You should also ensure your listings have the best possible description and keywords.  If the property you are listing is great for hunting land, but specifically “duck” hunting, state that on your listing. Land buyers are getting more and more precise with their land search criteria. A successful advertiser uses this fact by creating a listing description in-line with what the prospective buyer is searching for. Imagine your listing being a fish in the ocean. Every time a buyer drills down to search more specifically, your “fish”  is coming to the top. Good descriptive words can be the difference between being at the surface and a much easier catch, or requiring the buyer to put on their scuba gear to find your listing.


The LANDFLIP Blog is back!

Well, we’ve been busy!  And with that, we have decided to bring back the LANDFLIP Blog to share all sorts of new and exciting things with you.  As we move forward, we feel it’s very important to stay connected and involved with the customers and visitors who have contributed to LANDFLIP’s evolution.  Here’s what you can expect…


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