Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company: Leading the World in Sustainability and Land Stewardship

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development CompanyFor decades, Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company has been one of the national leaders in acreage land sales throughout the country. A wholly owned subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the largest timberland owners in the world, Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company (WREDCO) sells acreage, much of which was former Weyerhaeuser managed timberland.

WREDCO offers purchasers the opportunity to buy a lot or large acreage tract (1 to 50 acres) to build a dream home, timberland investment or other investment opportunities, while enjoying owning forestland that includes WREDCO’s legacy of sustainable forest management.

WREDCO has operations in over 10 states, with regional headquarters in three locations: North Carolina, Louisiana and Washington. Their regional representatives are eager to assist purchasers in owning an investment in land and trees.

LANDFLIP is proud that WREDCO, a company with a worldwide reputation for forest management and land stewardship, has chosen LANDFLIP.com to market their land for sale in ten states:  Washington, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.

WREDCO is a LANDFLIP Professional customer and they also take advantage of the banner advertising available on our expanding network of land for sale websites. Potential buyers of WREDCO forestland can effortlessly view maps, points of interests and location boundaries with LANDFLIP’s enhanced mapping features. The LANDFLIP team strives to provide excellent service to our top-notch customers such as WREDCO and we look forward to extending an advertising partnership well into the future.

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