AgFirst Farm Credit: Financing Rural America

AgFirst Farm CreditFor most people, there are few things as rewarding as owning your own piece of land- it’s a long-standing American dream. Purchasing land, regardless of the type you choose, can yield financial and emotional rewards.

For the last several years, the bleak economic climate and the decline of the real estate housing market have left many people questioning the American dream of home and land ownership. In fact, the results of the June LANDTHINK Pulse question revealed that the inability to obtain financing was the BIGGEST obstacle to buyers seriously considering a land purchase.

The real estate housing market, as well as the land market, is on the upswing, and the American dream is still alive and attainable. Financing is available for a vast majority of interested buyers.

AgFirst Farm Credit can make owning land easy, with over 90 years of experience financing rural America. Whether you’re looking for land for recreation, investment, farming or building your dream home, there’s one place you can find it all —

AgFirst Farm Credit have solutions to fit every need and are the leader in agricultural and rural financing in the United States. Founded by farmers in 1916, they have continued building and strengthening a relationship with America’s farmers and rural communities by providing sound, dependable credit and financial services. Today, the System provides more than $177 billion in loans to more than a half million borrowers, including farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, agricultural cooperatives, rural utility systems and agribusinesses.

Without a doubt, lending practices have changed in the wake of the housing bubble and financing has become increasingly difficult for buyers, but don’t assume you can’t obtain financing without first speaking with a lending professional. Financing is never guaranteed, but all buyers need to know where they stand and how to proceed to make ownership possible now or in the future.

If you want to own a piece of rural America and begin living the laid-back country lifestyle, let contacting AgFirst Farm Credit be you first step. Before you set out to walk land with your buyer’s agent, know how much you can invest in a land purchase, as well as your financing options. Once you have secured financing, begin your search of thousands of listings all over the country and internationally on our land for sale websites: LANDFLIP, LOTFLIP, FARMFLIP and RANCHFLIP.

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