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The LANDFLIP NETWORK should be the starting point for anyone buying or selling land, farms, ranches, and lots! We take pride in helping buyers locate the land of their dreams and providing sellers with an easy to use platform for advertising land for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale, lots for sale, and land auctions. The LANDFLIP BLOG serves as an extension to connect with our audience, share updates, and brag a little bit about our customers, most of whom rank tops in the land industry!

Don’t Ask Us, Ask Them

Potential advertisers usually have some questions when they create their LANDFLIP account, but one is almost always certain to be asked. “What makes your site different from other land listing sites?” Well, I could answer and just say “a lot” but that would probably not be an acceptable answer to someone looking to invest their marketing dollars wisely.


No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

Things start to happen in the spring on land that just don’t happen while there is cold and snow. I can hear my neighbor across the road at his ranch getting the tractor ready to begin his first plowing. Lawn mowers start up and get all checked out to make sure they are ready for the weekly ride around the acres and acres of grass. The neighbor with the RV is mapping out where his many road trips may take him this year. Last year they visited the mountains, this year the wife says it will be the coast.


Remembering Fads

I can remember a field trip in the mid to late 70’s when my middle school class went to visit the Arkansas Planetarium. My friends and I commented to our science teacher about a man carrying what appeared to be a small suitcase with a phone cord coming out of it. We noticed him walking around apparently talking on the phone. She advised us to “stay in line and not get distracted by some silly fad.”


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