Don’t Ask Us, Ask Them

Potential advertisers usually have some questions when they create their LANDFLIP account, but one is almost always certain to be asked. “What makes your site different from other land listing sites?” Well, I could answer and just say “a lot” but that would probably not be an acceptable answer to someone looking to invest their marketing dollars wisely.

There are many facets of LANDFLIP that you will find different from other land listing sites. Our advertisers really do say it best. I’m going to let them answer this question for us today.

“LANDFLIP is a beautifully designed website that is very user friendly. They’ve done a great job of providing users with high quality content and providing us with great exposure for our properties. Their customer service is superb and their back-end interface is extremely easy to use. I only wish there were more websites like LANDFLIP to showcase our properties on.” US Land & Ranches

“With marketing budgets cut due to economy, its hard to juggle getting the most bang for the buck. LANDFLIP has worked to put packages together to allow a small business to compete on the Internet with the big boys. But the most impressive thing has been the customer support after they get the money. Even though some areas may cost more, the customer service I am satisfied with greatly. Time is money and when I don’t have to chase a marketing or sales rep because of something I didn’t get when I paid for It means more than bells and whistles. Everything LANDFLIP discussed with me is very user friendly and generates leads. Not an old database they program to make hits in the beginning, then you never can track the lead down. I could go on, but first impression means a lot in today’s fly by night marketing firms.”
Terry Hansford – Hansford Realty & Auction, Co.

“The response from LANDFLIP has been excellent! We receive several phone calls and emails from LANDFLIP every week. LANDFLIP has paid for itself for quite some time and I recommend it to the Mossy Oak Properties network.”
Rick Taylor  Mossy Oak Properties Forest Investments, Inc.

  • User friendly site
  • We respond to every inquiry very fast
  • Access to your very own account representative
  • Need advice? We enjoy helping our customers
  • Need help? We’re a phone call, chat or email away
  • Our goal is Your Success

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