What’s In an Ad?

What’s In an Ad?

This Sunday, millions of people will gather with friends and family for Super Bowl XLVI. While Tom Brady and Eli Manning are fighting to carry their team to victory, ad agencies representing the Nation’s top-ranked companies will be vying for your attention during a game which has evolved into the most lucrative event of the year for big-money advertisers. It’s crazy when you really stop and think about it, but the following Monday more people will be talking about the Super Bowl ads engraved in their mind than they will be about the biggest plays in the season-ending game.

Obviously average companies and individuals can’t shell out the approximately $3.5 million it takes to win fans over during a short 30-second Super Bowl spot, but here on LANDFLIP and our network of related websites, you can be sure your ad scores in 2012 with the placement of a compelling banner ad.

Internet advertising is fast becoming the most effective platform for communication and banner ads are a great way to promote yourself, your business and increase your overall name recognition. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the term, a banner ad is simply an ad that is embedded on a website. To gain maximum reach, advertisers should choose a website with a similar target audience and high traffic numbers. For land agents, brokers, and auction companies, placing a banner ad on LANDFLIP or our network of land for sale websites will reach potential land buyers, sellers, cooperating brokers and countless other land industry professionals. LANDFLIP alone boasts over 500,000 monthly visitors and we’ve recently launched LOTFLIP, FARMFLIP and RANCHFLIP, which enables our banner advertisers to further pinpoint their specific target market.

A well-designed banner ad, which should include some eye-catching graphics and alluring copy, can solicit an immediate response from your target audience. This is something that cannot be achieved from a typical print ad in a magazine, mailer, newspaper or billboard sign. A potential client or sale can be lost in between the time they see a print ad and decide to make contact you or your business. With a banner ad, one easy click directs the customer straight to your business webpage. If by some slim chance they don’t click on your banner ad, your company name and logo has still managed to make an impression on the mind of that visitor- which means one thing- brand recognition.

Contact us to discuss banner advertising opportunities. We have very affordable rates starting at a mere $150 a month. Advertisers can pick from two sizes 468×60 and 300×250 and can also choose to place a banner ad in the LANDFLIP Ledger and LANDTHINK, both of which reach the email inboxes of thousands of subscribers.  Here at LANDFLIP, we have created the ability for our customers to target a specific market niche to suit their objectives, from farmland, to ranches, to land for sale under 20 acres. Put your advertising dollars where you’ll get your land listings noticed and see profitable results and that’s in a modern banner ad.

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