Partner Spotlight: Forisk Consulting

Partner Spotlight: Forisk Consulting

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Brooks Mendell, Forisk Consulting analyzes forest supplies, wood demand and timber pricing to develop forecasts and strategic guidance for clients. Their approach emphasizes rigorous research, clear communication, localized analysis and direct forestry experience.

Forisk conducts original, nationally cited research. They publish research in North America’s top forest industry journals.

Forisk “teaches the teachers.” Forest industry professionals and investors attend our short courses to learn skills and gain insights.

Forisk starts with mills and local timber markets. Capital allocation and investment decisions in the forest industry require localized analysis and forecasts. Their entire research program builds on mill-by-mill, market-by-market analysis.

Forisk understands forestry. All of their researchers have forestry degrees and hands-on experience, including wood procurement, land management and forest operations.

Forisk Consulting has worked with clients and partners throughout the U.S. and in over a dozen countries to answer questions and support decisions associated with timber and timberland investments, wood procurement, forest industry and bioenergy investments, and forest operations. Dr. Mendell leads Forisk’s research program and his background includes roles in harvest operations and procurement with Weyerhaeuser, management consulting with Accenture, and as a faculty member in forestry and finance at the University of Georgia. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Forest History Society.

A Fulbright Scholar in Uruguay, Dr. Mendell is one of our regular article contributors on our sister site, LANDTHINK. He has earned B.S. and M.S. degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MBA at the University of California at Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in Forest Finance at the University of Georgia. With twenty-five years of consulting, operating, and research experience in the forest products and timber industries, he is LANDTHINK’s only contributing expert whose articles focus solely on these specific areas of the land industry.

LANDFLIP partners with the best companies and professional associations in the land real estate industry that share similar core values. We are proud to have Forisk Consulting as a long-standing partner and friend. Look for their display ads on LANDTHINK, exhibiting their upcoming continuing education and specialized training opportunities.

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