Limited Time Offer for VIP LANDFLIP Customers

Limited Time Offer for VIP LANDFLIP Customers

We are excited to introduce the new monthly LANDTHINK GET LAND SMART Sponsorship designed specifically to reward our loyal customers and provide the maximum amount of value.

Enjoy month long promotion by LANDFLIP, a trusted brand with a vast network of websites, social media followers, and email subscribers. You’ll be marketed to hundreds of thousands of land enthusiasts and industry professionals throughout the LANDFLIP network of sites and social media each day, and you’ll reach over 50,000 inboxes throughout the month.

For the introductory price of only $750 per month, you’ll get:

  • Your Name, Logo, and Website link on the LANDTHINK Pulse page (all month)
  • Inclusion in 3 monthly emails: Get Land Smart (first of month), FARMFLIP (first week of month), LANDTHINK Pulse (mid-month)
  • Inclusion in weekly LANDFLIP Ledger email (every Monday)
  • Social Media exposure via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr (all month)
  • Assist in creating your sponsored Pulse question (with LANDTHINK approval)
  • Promotion in Pulse question results article on (the following month)

In association with the LANDTHINK Pulse, the GET LAND SMART Sponsorship will have your name radiating throughout the LANDFLIP network.

Act fast to take advantage of the significant savings. Only 3 monthly GET LAND SMART Sponsorships will receive this special value. Regular price for ALL this exposure is $1,000 per monthly sponsorship.

Call us at 877-339-LAND (5263) or send an email so this LANDTHINK GET LAND SMART Sponsorship can begin working on your behalf during this peak buying and selling season!

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