LANDFLIP Joins the Movement Honoring Farmers and Supporting the FFA

Last Sunday, during Super Bowl XLVII, Dodge Ram debuted their poignant and memorable “So God Made a Farmer” commercial. Dodge payed homage to farmers all across this great country with their terrific depiction of farm life and LANDFLIP is honored to do our part to help Dodge Ram Trucks advance their campaign by sharing it with our audience.

The Dodge “Farmer” commercial was inspired by Paul Harvey’s 1978 “So God Made a Farmer” speech. A radio broadcast legend, Harvey hailed from Oklahoma and held deep ties to America’s Heartland. Dodge’s “Farmer” commercial is a snapshot of farming across America, spanning the decades. The two minute spot featured videos and snapshots of generations of farmers that summoned strong emotions and celebrated Dodge’s most loyal customer, the farmer.

Like Dodge, we at LANDFLIP recognize the trials and tribulations of farmers and their strength, resilience, undying work ethic, steadfast faith and staunch devotion to family.

Each time the “Farmer” video is viewed or shared on Twitter or Facebook, the Ram brand will make a donation to the Future Farmers of America (FFA). Read more about the movement here.

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