If You Like to Talk Land, the LANDTHINK Community is the Place for You!

As a real estate professional, you’re probably spending a lot of time on the Internet developing your online presence. Nowadays, it’s absolutely essential to growing your reputation and your business. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all great platforms to facilitate professional growth but the LANDTHINK Community is the place land professionals are going to share their love of the land and Get Land Smart! This forum was created so that land professionals nationwide would have an arena to share ideas, create discussion topics, post replies, give reputation to fellow members and meet new people.

Head over to the LANDTHINK Community now to sign up. Introduce yourself and the services and expertise you have to offer. Chances are, you’ll immediately recognize many names and faces in the industry. If you attended LANDTHINK Summit 2011 in Atlanta last month, you have the opportunity to strengthen the connections you formed there. Once you’re a member, you’ll find many LANDTHINK Contributors, Advisors, and Summit Speakers.

All of us in the land industry share a commonality and a genuine love of the land. The LANDTHINK Community is a place to ask questions, offer answers, give feedback and offer support to our peers in a challenging market.

When it comes to your online presence, you’re driving the bus. Take control now of how peers and potential clients perceive you and your business- the professional benefits of engaging in a targeted forum like the LANDTHINK Community are limitless!

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