Do You Exist in the Social Media World?

Social MediaWithout a doubt, the world of social media is now firmly grounded into the real estate industry. Are you using all social media platforms to market yourself and build your internet presence? Even if you haven’t jumped on board the social media bandwagon, your staunchest competitors have already begun to capitalize on the benefits. That fact alone should light a fire under most of you to start leveraging the social media platforms that are readily available and free of charge. The only invest you need to make is a little time and effort and you should begin to see a solid ROI.

Social Media is an essential element to marketing and self promotion in today’s highly competitive market, but the tried-and-true methods of old-fashioned marketing should not be altogether abandoned either. There is a lot to be said for face-to-face networking, penning a note and sending small closing gifts to clients.

It’s a fact the amount of time people are spending online, engaging on social media sites is increasing at a rapid rate of speed. This means your future clients are out there using social media- you should be too!

Here at LANDFLIP, we’ve brought all avenues of social media together.  Land agents and brokers have the opportunity to connect with us at LANDFLIP, LANDTHINK, and LOTFLIP as well as with buyers, sellers, and peers within the land industry.

Become a social butterfly – connect with us on ALL of our social media sites!

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We look forward to growing and connecting with you even more in 2012! There a many exciting things to come. Get connected now and stay tuned to see what’s in store!

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