Are you a LANDFLIP customer? If not, we think you should be. We love to brag about our valued customers! After all, without them you probably wouldn’t be reading this. The blog is a great place to talk about our customers, and share their successes and achievements with the land marketplace. We want to brag about you, too!

The Art of the Deal

Georgia Land CompanyI am not talking about Donald Trump, but Adam Griffin of the Georgia Land Company. Adam has been a LANDFLIP customer for almost two years. He is probably one of the busiest land brokers in the state – so he knows what works!

The Georgia Land Company specializes in land sales from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Coastal Plains. Adam and his team will not only find you the perfect piece of land, but will go beyond the sale and offer their expertise in timber and wildlife management as well.


Success to the Tune of $5.6 Million

When you find a good thing that’s always a good thing.  When you find a good thing that works, that’s even better

John G. Rawls has been a LANDFLIP advertiser for almost 4 years. When John started advertising with LANDFLIP he was certainly not a computer whiz. To hear him tell it, he didn’t really know what to do with the computer or Internet – he just knew he needed to do something. John shared with us that since becoming a LANDFLIP advertiser he has sold $5.6 million dollars in land sales. “LANDFLIP works, and that’s why I use it.”


Don’t Ask Us, Ask Them

Potential advertisers usually have some questions when they create their LANDFLIP account, but one is almost always certain to be asked. “What makes your site different from other land listing sites?” Well, I could answer and just say “a lot” but that would probably not be an acceptable answer to someone looking to invest their marketing dollars wisely.


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