The Art of the Deal

Georgia Land CompanyI am not talking about Donald Trump, but Adam Griffin of the Georgia Land Company. Adam has been a LANDFLIP customer for almost two years. He is probably one of the busiest land brokers in the state – so he knows what works!

The Georgia Land Company specializes in land sales from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Coastal Plains. Adam and his team will not only find you the perfect piece of land, but will go beyond the sale and offer their expertise in timber and wildlife management as well.

Adam was kind of enough to offer some advice on “Closing the Deal” in the current market.

How to close a “deal” in this market?

There are a couple routes to closing on a great property in this market. They all revolve around one main point: understanding current market conditions. A buyer needs to have either spent plenty of time (sometimes years) gaining this knowledge or employ someone who does. The average buyer of rural property does not have the time to study market trends. Considering they are changing weekly, a qualified land broker understands where the demand is and at what price property will sell.

I have heard too many buyers say that a property is overpriced and not worth taking a look. However, I have seen buyers negotiate 50% of advertised price with the same seller that originally said he would never lower his price. If you are serious about buying land, it never hurts to make a serious offer. “No” is the worst thing you can hear. These sellers may have had an offer early on that they did not accept and now wish they had it back. The bank may be knocking and they need to unload it. The property could have zero debt and the family is simply fatigued. If all you ever do is wait until one pops up on the internet, you are passing away some great opportunities.

Acting Quickly
I have seen plenty of tracts that were not worth 30% of their advertised price. I have also seen several opportunities that were worth full price in this market. These well priced properties often stay on the market for only a couple of weeks. A buyer needs to be ready, willing and able to act quickly.

Although these seem like very basic principals…it is time to get back to the basics. Georgia Land Company has either closed or is contracted to close 5 different properties worth $2.2M in the last 30 days. All of these have been advertised on LANDFLIP. We would love to help you locate, negotiate and close your “deal”

Adam has some great properties listed on LANDFLIP. Check them out!

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