Land Brokers, Are You Paying Attention?

The LANDFLIP NETWORK is killing it, and we haven’t even reached the peak buying season of spring and summer! When running a successful land listing site, the devil is in the details and statistics. To know where we stand, all we have to do is open up Google Analytics. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Are you listing your land here? If not, you’re missing out.


Our Christmas Gift to You

It’s hard to believe that it is almost time to say goodbye to 2017. As we all prepare to celebrate the warmest, most joyful time of the year, we at LANDFLIP have a gift for our customers, that will continue to make selling land easier than any other land for sale website. If you’re already a LANDFLIP Pro Seller, then you know you have access to features not included with our Premium or Standard plans. This month, we rolled out Comparable Sales Data- our gift to you this Christmas!


Why Upgrading Your Listing is Worth It

In this day and age, selling your land, even with the help of land listing websites can be very tricky. On those other land listing sites, it’s easy for your listings to be overshadowed by your competitors. At LANDFLIP, we offer a solution- the ability to upgrade your listing to a Feature or boldly Showcase a listing at the top of our homepage. Upgrading a listing provides brokers, agents, auctioneers and private land sellers the ability to maximize exposure for their land listings on LANDFLIP and its 4 complementary sites, FARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, LOTFLIP, and AUCTIONFLIP.


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