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Featured Land: Flag Mountain Farm in Coosa County, Alabama

Flag Mountain Farm

The 167 acre Flag Mountain Farm in Coosa County, Alabama, is located at the foot of Flag Mountain, the southernmost peak in the Appalachians. This farm is the ideal setting for a cattle operation- purebred or commercial. It is right-sized for a 100 brood cow operation, complete with pens and working facilities.


Spotlight: Jonathan Goode

Jonathan GoodeJonathan Goode, land agent with AlaLandCo, has written some of the most talked about and relevant articles on LANDTHINK.com, our sister site that is an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land. He, and the entire panel of regular LANDTHINK Contributor’s, choose to share their expertise and experiences on an array of land topics to help buyers and sellers navigate the real estate land market and be in the know on current land topics.


Meet Robert King: Land Agent and 2011 LANDTHINK Contributor of the Year

Robert KingRobert King, land agent with AlaLandCo, is one of our most popular LANDTHINK Contributors that uses his knowledge of real estate, his education in Ag Business and Economics, and his knowledge of the area to cover a broad range of land topics that keep buyers and sellers abreast of current land issues.


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