Search for Land Effectively & Efficiently on the New LANDFLIP NETWORK

Search for Land Effectively & Efficiently on the New LANDFLIP NETWORK

With the LANDFLIP NETWORK’s recent overhaul, we ushered in a new era in online land for sale. The completely rebuilt network brought more innovative ideas and technology than any single listing site out there. You might have noticed that we ditched the drop-down boxes and, frankly, we haven’t missed them. We replaced them with multifaceted search capabilities and powerful mapping tools.

Drop-down boxes are a tired, web design trend that’s been slowly fading into the sunset for good reason. They made for a very linear, restrictive search; users were bound to only what they could select from the list. If you were using your smartphone or tablets to search for land, then you also know how cumbersome drop-downs could be on mobile devices. You will discover, if you haven’t already, that using the location/keyword search box is far more efficient and allows for a more flexible, multifaceted search.

Here are a few ways to effectively and efficiently search for land on the all new LANDFLIP NETWORK:

Location & Keyword Search
Simply type a state or county name into the search box to find land in a specific location. In addition, you can filter through listings by entering unique features and uses you want. Whatever you’re looking for – whitetail deer, timberland, waterfront property, mountaintop, cattle farm, hiking, homesite – just type your keyword into the search box and we’ll do the rest!

Search Filters
Using search filters helps to further narrow your search for the perfect land and get you listing results that best match what you’re looking for. You can set limits for size and price, select what type of transaction you prefer, and specify requirements such as owner financing or foreclosed property. You can also sort listing results by acreage, price, newest to oldest, and more.

Interactive Map Search
Mapping is a valuable tool for prospective land buyers. Our interactive map is powerful, fun to use, and will allow you to spend less time in the search process and concentrate only on those properties that fit the bill. Special tools include:

  • SHOW MY LOCATION: View land for sale in your local area
  • DRAW SEARCH AREA: Create a customized search area with click & drag drawing
  • GET ELEVATION: Get the elevation of any point on the map with a simple click
  • MEASURE DISTANCE & ELEVATION: Measure the distance and elevation changes between two selected points
  • CALCULATE ACREAGE: Point & click to set boundary limits, then click within the area to view approximate acreage
  • LISTING PREVIEWS: Preview listings by clicking on a map pin or using the image gallery at the bottom of the screen

Using LANDFLIP’s interactive map is a great way to get “the big picture” when it comes to popular areas of land for sale in the United States and around the world. Begin your search by entering a location or keyword and setting additional search filters, or just start clicking!

We invite you to get to know the all new LANDFLIP NETWORK by taking it for a test drive! We think you’ll like using it as much as we do! Be sure to watch this space, as we’ll be sharing a series of informational posts that will help you get the most out of your LANDFLIP experience.

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