Profile Strength and Listing Score: How You Measure Up is All in the Details

Profile Strength and Listing Score: How You Measure Up is All in the Details

Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing tips to help you use the LANDFLIP NETWORK to its full potential. We want to share some tips on Profile Strength and Listing Quality Score (LQS), two features we created for the new LANDFLIP NETWORK to help you optimize your investment with LANDFLIP. With just a little extra effort, you will appear more professional and driven than land sellers with incomplete profiles and less compelling listings. Achieving top Profile Strength and a high Listing Quality Score is your gateway to getting your land for sale sold!


The new Profile Strength meter on the LANDFLIP NETWORK, helps to gauge just how robust your seller profile is. If you’re already a LANDFLIP customer, it’s easy to assess your profile’s completeness by logging in to your Seller account, and clicking “Dashboard” (located on the left sidebar). This meter is visible only to you and will increase from FAIR to GOOD to GREAT as you add more content to your profile.

Complete these components to boost your Profile Strength:

✓ Include full contact information
✓ Address
✓ Website
✓ Bio
✓ Social media links
✓ Quality photo (must be a picture of yourself- we don’t accept logos, photos with text, or any other image that doesn’t represent you)
✓ Company logo (JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF)


Too many sellers allow their property listing descriptions to fall through the cracks; improving your score is the most important thing you can do to make sure your listing is performing well across our network. We created the LQS to represent how well your listing ranks among other listings throughout the LANDFLIP family of sites. Listings with the highest scores are rewarded by getting a boost in the search result rankings!

Ensure that your listings have the best possible description and keywords. For example, if you have hunting land for sale that is especially great for “duck” hunting, state that on your listing. Land buyers are getting more and more precise with their land search criteria!

Each listing has its own LQS, with the highest possible score being 100. Several factors are used to determine your Listing Quality Score, including your Profile Strength. To view your LQS, log in to your Seller account, and click “Listings” (located on the left sidebar). When you click on an individual listing, a green progress bar will appear at the top of that page, indicating how close you are to scoring 100.

How to boost your Listing Quality Score:

✓ Increase your Profile Strength
✓ Include relative, land-related keywords in your listing title and description
✓ The more keywords used that result in a match, the higher your score
✓ A more thorough description with lots of quality details will earn you more points
✓ Uploading more photos will yield a higher score
✓ Add a video or virtual tour
✓ Upload maps and files

Stay tuned to this space! We’re going to continue sharing informational posts that will help you get the most out of your LANDFLIP account and use all the tools we have made available. We hope that you’ll use these tips to your personal advantage. LANDFLIP prides itself on strong customer support, so if you have questions or would like to know more about our plans and features call us at 877-339-LAND (5236) or send us an email.

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