Partner Spotlight: American Forest Management

Partner Spotlight: American Forest Management

American Forest Management has successfully managed the sale and acquisition of rural land for decades. With land transactions valued at over $3.4 billion, they have the most experienced and technically talented professionals in the industry. Unlike average real estate generalists, their sales people are land specialists having commercial, forestry, appraisal, farming and wildlife management backgrounds.

Over 1,200 clients have entrusted American Forest to be advisors and stewards of their land. Over 6.5 million acres of it, in fact. Clients like these have made American Forest Management the largest land consulting and real estate brokerage firm in the United States. With hundreds of employees in offices across U.S., they are able to provide landowners with individualized local services while leveraging the vast technical resources of our national company.

They Are In This For The Buyers

Buying land is a big deal, and knowing how to proceed can be confusing and overwhelming. Buyers can count on American Forest Management to help them navigate through this journey and make informed decisions.

Their process begins with understanding your objectives. Their professionals gather the information necessary to find your ideal property and provide you with the best market opinion and value. Because they have offices across the country, their real estate professionals have a deep understanding of local trends and opportunities and their effects on property values. With this focus, you can bet American Forest Management knows where to find the best land for sale and how much you should pay for it.

They Are In This For The Sellers

The American Forest Management real estate team is always focused on getting the best possible return on the sale of their clients’ land. They start by doing research and analysis to advise you on the highest-and-best use of your land within the current marketplace, and then apply the most effective selling method.

Their field office personnel are uniquely qualified with on-the-ground knowledge of local land values, forest product markets and regulations regarding land use and management. They also know the potential buyers of investment grade timberland, farms, development land, recreational land and high-end acreage estates.

Additionally, their service includes access to marketing and advertising professionals. This team leverages tools that have proven effective in exposing properties to the marketplace, aiding in selling land swiftly and at the best possible price.

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