LANDFLIP Launches AUCTIONFLIP to Bring Bidders on Auction Day

LANDFLIP Launches AUCTIONFLIP to Bring Bidders on Auction Day

LANDFLIP is following up the newly redeveloped LANDFLIP NETWORK with the launch of AUCTIONFLIP, a specialty website devoted to land auctions only, both online and onsite. It is the sixth complementary website added to the LANDFLIP family of sites that includes LANDFLIPFARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, LOTFLIP and LANDTHINK.

AUCTIONFLIP offers a streamlined approach to connect buyers and auctioneers before the gavel drops on auction day. Buyers can browse upcoming land auctions from the top land auctioneers including farmland auctions, ranch auctions, commercial land auctions, homesite auctions, timberland auctions, estate land auctions and more.

Auctioneers, if you want qualified bidders to turnout on auction day, you have to get the word out about your upcoming auction! What better way to do that than by showcasing your auction on AUCTIONFLIP, and aiming directly at your target market? People will be searching AUCTIONFLIP for one reason- looking for the one special property they want to bid on- so grab their attention before they keep scrolling. Make your auction a part of the Showcase listing slideshow that dominates the top of the AUCTIONFLIP homepage.

Since kicking off 2017 with the debut of the all-new LANDFLIP NETWORK, traffic, engagement rates, and buyer profiles have grown exponentially across the network. We’ve also proudly welcomed a slew of the top land brokerages in the West to our network as Pro customers. Additionally the LANDFLIP NETWORK has a great following on social media platforms. The ability to reach out to bidders via our social media network is a HUGE perk of being a LANDFLIP advertiser!

AUCTIONFLIP is an extension of the LANDFLIP NETWORK, and offers powerful new mapping tools, unique search capabilities, and dominating images across the entire network. Would-be bidders can quickly and easily search for auctions by location, type, use or specific keyword and get results that best match what they’re looking for.

Auctioneers can easily manage listings, activity and analytics from MY LANDFLIP. Each land auction is listed on LANDFLIP and AUCTIONFLIP as well as the other websites in our network for which the auction listing may qualify. When your property meets our site-specific criteria, it will be listed on any combination of LANDFLIP, AUCTIONFLIP, FARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, or LOTFLIP. Farms 5+ acres will be listed on FARMFLIP, ranches 10+ acres will be listed on RANCHFLIP, and lots 20 acres and less will be listed on LOTFLIP.

Visit AUCTIONFLIP and be sure to share news of its launch with your friends and connections. Follow @AUCTIONFLIP on Twitter.

If you have questions about listing your land for sale on the LANDFLIP NETWORK or you would like to learn more about display advertising, call us at 877-339-LAND (5263) or send an email.

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