LANDFLIP Announces New Offerings, Just in Time for the Busy Season

Spring is the time to amp up your advertising of all those new listings we know you’ve been getting! LANDFLIP is pleased to announce some brand new offerings, that coupled with the positive energy springtime brings, will help to get those listings SOLD! LANDFLIP and our entire network of websites- LOTFLIP, FARMFLIP and RANCHFLIP- offer a feature-rich, user-friendly, affordable platform for advertising land for sale.

New and Huge 300×600 Banner Ad Size; Large Size = More Eyes = More Exposure

The placement of a compelling banner ad on our high traffic website is a smart way to promote yourself, your business and increase your overall name recognition! For land agents, brokers, and auction companies, placing a banner ad on LANDFLIP or our network of websites, will reach potential land buyers, sellers, cooperating brokers and countless other land industry professionals. With a banner ad, one easy click directs the customer straight to your business website.

For a LIMITED TIME, you can choose a banner on our LANDFLIP Network and get additional banners 1/2 off. Purchase 3+ months and save up to an additional 30%. Banner size options are 468×60, 300×250 or 300×600. See the graphic below for placement options.

Banner Placements

Banner ads can be placed in the LANDFLIP Ledger (weekly), FARMFLIP Email (monthly), or LANDTHINK Email (monthly), all of which reach the inboxes of thousands of subscribers. Contact us for details on sizes and placement.

Feature Your Listings or Auction:

If you’re not featuring your listings on the LANDFLIP network of sites, you’re missing out on 10x the exposure! We now offer two ways to feature your listing:

  • on the LANDFLIP network of land for sale websites (your listing gets priority placement at the top of the website)
  • on our LANDFLIP Blog (includes LANDFLIP Ledger and social media posts)

Additional Offerings:

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: Leverage our entire network of social media sites and expose your land for sale to an even larger audience. This package includes Facebook posts, Tweets on Twitter, LinkedIn group/showcase posts, and Google+ posts.

LANDTHINK PULSE SPONSOR: As a sponsor of this monthly survey question, you may also assist our team in formulating a question to pose to our audience.


If you have a question about pricing, or need help or advice, we’re only a phone call, chat or email away. We look forward to working with you to achieve your desired result- closed sales. Contact LANDFLIP today!

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