LANDFLIP and MapRight: Working Better Together

LANDFLIP and MapRight: Working Better Together

We are excited to announce that LANDFLIP, the premier online land for sale platform for connecting land buyers and sellers, has integrated with MapRight, the nation’s premier online interactive mapping platform. LANDFLIP Pro customers can embed a MapRight map with their listing, when they include a LANDFLIP map. Customers can simply copy and paste a MapRight URL in their LANDFLIP listing and, just like that, land brokers and agents have a professional-quality map that highlights their listing’s best features, simplifies their work, boosts their credibility with potential buyers, and saves them a lot of time!

“We chose to integrate with MapRight because their cutting-edge mapping technology will provide our joint customers the ability to easily create a concise, interactive map of their listing, and that will provide buyers with a comprehensive picture of the property. In turn, the LANDFLIP NETWORK can put their land on center stage and expose their listing to a broad audience” said Ryan Folk, Founder and CEO of LANDFLIP.

Last month we proudly launched the all new LANDFLIP NETWORK, the first phase of a framework that will forge buyer-seller relationships like no other land listing site has had the vision to create. Connecting buyers and sellers earlier in the sales process ultimately shortens the sales cycle.

Founded by professional cartographer and GIS expert Steve Roberson, MapRight provides a simple and innovative solution to the mapping process and requires virtually no formal training. With preloaded tool kits and custom layers, as well as iOS and Android apps, land professionals can create maps that are beautiful, easy to read and ready to share. Today’s smart buyers can hone-in on properties that meet their criteria, and the sales cycle is shortened by delivering brokers “sales-ready” qualified leads.

The new LANDFLIP acts as a conduit, delivering sought after land directly to the buyers based on their set preferences, which in turn brings more qualified buyers to the sellers. So you see, integrating with MapRight made sense in order to best serve the needs of our customers and visitors and kept with our progressive approach to a truncated sales cycle.

With an obligation to remain at the forefront of the online land marketplace, LANDFLIP promises to continue expanding our offerings. Watch this space! We’ll be sharing more posts that will help you get the most out of your LANDFLIP experience.

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