Going Once, Going Twice…SOLD – Landowners and Auction Companies Choose LANDFLIP

Going Once, Going Twice... SOLD - Landowners and Auction Companies Choose LANDFLIPIt’s a common misconception that land auctions are a final act of desperation for landowners trying to sell their property. In the current depressed real estate market, land auctions are gaining popularity among landowners. There are a number of reasons why so many are choosing the auction route as a means to move their property.

You might be wondering how a land auction, handled by a professional auction company, benefits a landowner? Well, let us share with you some of the main reasons why auctions are sometimes a better fit for property owners, rather than traditional selling methods, such as listing with a broker or the owner attempting to sell their land on their own (FSBO).

  • Putting it in the hands of an auction company usually means a quick and easy sell
  • Auction companies market aggressively and draw in buyers. They come for one reason- TO PURCHASE.
  • Choosing an auction company can relieve the stress of a drawn-out negotiating process between the buyer and seller. They lay out the terms and conditions of the sale well in advance.
  • A professional land auction company will design a targeted marketed campaign for the owners’ unique property. They will use a land marketing platform like LANDFLIP to achieve maximum visibility, they will create “hype”, and generate  a bidding war- which usually means maximum profit for the owner
  • Auction companies sell the land “AS IS”- NO Sellers Disclosure and NO Contingencies.

For landowners that would like to explore the option of selling their rural property at auction, locating a professional land auction company who has garnered a solid reputation in the business can be a daunting task. Owners need to do their research- look at how and where the auction company advertises their properties. Choosing one with a large pool of potential customers would be in a seller’s best interest. Also, look for professionals that offer straightforward answers to questions and are upfront regarding their fees. LANDFLIP makes it easy for landowners to find professional land auction companies and auctioneers. The best names in the business choose LANDFLIP to market their auction properties to millions of people in the US and abroad.

Land auctions aren’t the right option for everybody. There are two different types of auctions, “absolute” (property sells to the highest bidder no matter the price) and “reserve” (a selling price set by the owner). They can help landowners determine which type is best suited for their property.

Landowners need the advice of a trusted professional. LANDFLIP is the place for landowners to find a professional and it’s the place where professional sellers’ turn to get them “SOLD”.

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