Butler Land and Timber: Building on 5 Generations of Business Success

Brad ButlerButler Land and Timber, Inc. is a company with deep Alabama roots and Brad Butler, founder and owner, is continuing the longstanding family tradition of success. The key factor in this company’s longevity has been their unwavering commitment to integrity, delivery of service, land stewardship and community responsibility.

The story began prior to World War II, when Brad’s grandfather, John H. Butler, started working for his grandfather, Robert M. Gibson, owner of Gibson Lumber Company. Having proudly served his country in Word World II, Mr. Butler returned home to Alabama and started Butler Logging Company. Mr. Butler’s oldest son, John Allen, earned his forestry degree from Auburn University and on January 1st, 1976, John A. Butler founded Crenshaw Forest Services. He remained in the timber industry until 1990, when he obtained his real estate license and formed Butler Realty and Timber Company. From 1990 to 2000, John Allen, Brad’s father, had a flourishing business providing services in land management, timber harvesting, replanting and consultation to clients throughout central and south Alabama.

As a teenager up until his father’s death, Brad was privileged to learn the inner workings of the land and timber industry. His father instilled in him a love of the land and trained him to envision the true potential in a parcel of land, not just the monetary value.

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