Attract Your Target Audience through LANDTHINK Pulse Sponsorship

Now more than ever, business owners and marketing managers are looking to stretch their advertising dollars and get the most bang for the buck. A tight advertising budget can greatly limit a businesses’ ability to reach a mass audience, so focusing those ads on your target market is a smart strategy for promoting your business or service.

LANDTHINK, LANDFLIP’s sister site that is an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, is currently seeking a sponsor for the February LANDTHINK Pulse, a monthly question with a participation rate that’s growing exponentially.

For a limited time, businesses can sponsor the LANDTHINK Pulse at an introductory price of $500! This is an excellent opportunity for land industry businesses and professionals to nudge our LANDTHINK, LANDFLIP, LOTFLIP, RANCHFLIP and FARMFLIP audience to actively engage with your business or service. A Pulse sponsorship generates significant exposure by leveraging our entire network of web and social media sites.

As a sponsor, you may assist our team in formulating a question to pose to our audience, the results of which would be beneficial to your business and all those with a connection to the land industry. Additionally, your business will be featured in the LANDFLIP Blog, LANDFLIP Ledger, LANDTHINK News and the Pulse. At the close of each month’s survey, we report the results on, and sponsors will also be prominently featured in this post. Pulse sponsorships are offered on a first come first serve basis and are subject to certain limitations.

Be the first to take advantage of this unique sponsorship opportunity! Your business or service will make an impression on the mind of every visitor to our site- which means one thing- brand recognition. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits.

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