2010 In Review

It seems we have just gotten comfortable using 2010 as the year and it is almost time to roll into 2011. It would be great to review the past year and talk about all the great and wonderful things the year has brought. There have been some great things, but 2010 for those in the land industry will probably not go down in the books as one of the best.

As our economy continues to take a beating by decisions being made in Washington we are seeing those within our land industry circle turn out the lights and close the doors on their business. The housing market with its foreclosures and the land market have been hit very hard by this recession and we are curious if 2011 will be the year it begins to turn upward. Or have we not reached the worst yet? If we are not there yet how many more doors will we see closing in 2011? Not a really bright and pretty picture getting painted here huh? Well sometimes reality is just ugly and covering our eyes or pretending it’s not real doesn’t make it so.

We have seen more owner financing listings over the last year than any other. We have watched those with great credit scores, offering fair market pricing on tracts of land be turned down, not because of their lack of ability to pay, but for the banks lack of lending. Sellers have come to realize this when looking to put properties on the market. Many have been greatly disappointed when advised by their agent what a good listing price for their property would be in the current market. Many of those in a position of not having to sell have decided to hold off until things turn around. So who is buying? Those with cash in hand. Those selling investments and then investing in a land purchase come with a cash offer on the table. This will get a sellers attention as they know once a price is agreed upon it’s only a matter of a short time and the deal is done. No waiting for bank approvals or other financial constraints.

Social Media was a high point for LANDFLIP in 2010. We brought all avenues of social media together and were able to offer agents and brokers the opportunity to connect not only with us at LANDFLIP but also with others within the land industry. Our Facebook and Twitter pages have proven to be good means of connecting and creating relationships. Linkedin has given professionals the opportunity to connect with both those in the land industry and also those in land service related areas of business. Group discussions have been both interesting and informational. Watch for this area to grow in 2011.

The summer brought our new pricing plans. Standard Unlimited listings or Professional Unlimited listings. This change gave agents and brokers the opportunity to have priority listing placement and see 4 times the inquiries as those with standard listing customers.  Agents who paid to upgrade to the Professional Unlimited package are able to maintain a higher listing presence and also connect their personal websites and social media sites directly to their accounts. Many other great features are included in the new Professional Unlimited package. You can learn more details on upgrading to a professional account here.

Fall of 2010 introduced our new enhanced mapping for our Professional sellers on LANDFLIP. Agents and brokers who purchase or upgrade to the Professional accounts are able to use the enhanced mapping tools and plot the boundaries of their properties as well as specific points of interest. This gives a potential buyer the advantage of understanding your properties greatest attributes by simply noting the points created on the mapping page.

As we are closing out this year of 2010 with our promotional 50% off on banner advertising we are giving advertisers the opportunity to save a substantial amount in their 2011 marketing budget. This 50% off deal will end on December 31st but agents and brokers are able to purchase blocks of time for 2011 from 3-12 months at the half price discounted rate. Contact us for specific pricing details.

We would like to thank you for your continued support. We are in this business to help you be more successful. We are about to pass through the last days of 2010 and we want to continue to see you as part of our 2011 team. We believe LANDFLIP offers you not only great pricing, but also the best customer service.

Our best to you in the coming New Year.

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